Genetopia praised on Fantastic Reviews

Aaron Hughes has some nice things to say about Keith Brooke’s Genetopia over at Fantastic Reviews: “…a fascinating look at the consequences when the nature of humanity begins to change at a genetic level. …Like Mark Twain, and in refreshing contrast to the current standard of bloated multi-volume series, Brooke is able to confine his […]

Washington Post on River of Gods

Marin Morse Wooster, of the Washington Post, calls Ian McDonald “one of the best sf novelists of our time” in his review of River of Gods: “…a bold, brave look at India on the eve of its centennial, 41 years from now. MacDonald has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see […]

Life after BEA

Book Expo America has come and gone. While this year’s show felt less hectic than last year – no doubt due to the venue of D.C. as opposed to New York – it was a productive and fun weekend. Highlights included the number of independent bookstore owners we met with, and the chance to put […]

Bookgasm Wild for River of Gods

Ryun Patterson of Bookgasm can’t get enough of Ian McDonald’s River of Gods: “It’s one hell of a novel. Easily trumping any speculative fiction from the past couple of years, River of Gods is an exuberant leap into the future of India through the eyes of nine disparate characters. As their stories mingle and merge, […]

SciFi Weekly gives Genetoia an A-’s SciFi Weekly just posted a review of Keith Brooke’s Genetopia. Reviewer D. Douglas Fratz gives Genetopia an A-, and says in his review: “… a startlingly original creation, filled with memorable characters and places…. The greatest strength of this novel may be its thematic handling of the issues of slavery, the nature of humanity […] gives Paragaea an A’s Science Fiction Weekly just posted a review of Chris Roberson’s Paragaea: A Planetary Romance. Reviewer Paul Di Filippo gives Paragaea an A, and says in his review: “Roberson has certainly learned a lot from his literary ancestors, and he manages to hit all the high notes perfectly. …the illusion of being cast away in […]

SFFWorld Reviews the Crooked Letter

A wonderful review by Rob H. Bedford of Sean Williams’ The Crooked Letter, posted to SFFWorld: “…explores the nature of life, death, and reality. Big subjects, but with the precision of an archaeological expert, Williams is more than up to the task. There is a lot to admire in Williams epic fantasy, the wide range […]

Paragaea Review

Paul Haggerty has posted an enthusiastic review of Chris Roberson’s Paragaea: A Planetary Romance up at SfRevu: “Paragaea is an old tale told to a modern audience. It’s a classic John Carter of Mars type tale set on a strange alien planet, with strange new creatures both hostile and friendly. It’s got heroes and monsters, […]

An Update on the Infoquake

David Louis Edelman’s latest newsletter: It’s now approximately two months until the release of Infoquake. Pre-orders are available on, Booksense, and Barnes & Noble. News this month: Chapter 2 of the Infoquake Podcast Now AvailableChapter 2 of Infoquake is now available as a podcast read by the author (me). Subscribe to the podcast via […]