The Aeon's Gate

The Skybound Sea

From whence She fell, She shall rise again. The sky bleeds.  The earth groans.  The sea rises. All that the demons have come to work for, the many lives they have lost and claimed, the carnage and misery they have sown in their wake, is about to be made complete.  With their revered patriarch at […]

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Black Halo

When it comes to demons, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Fresh from their adventures and having reclaimed the Tome of the Undergates, the malefic doorway between earth and hell and all the vile creations that desperately wish to break through, Lenk and his companions are weary.  Weary of the bloodshed, weary of […]

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Tome of the Undergates

Adventurer. The name never uttered without scorn, they are long loathed for their knowledge of nothing beyond violence and greed and their utter disregard for human life, least of all their own. And Lenk, a young man with a sword in his hand and a voice in his head, counts them as his closest company. […]

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