Praise For Tome of the Undergates

Four out of five stars.


Wildly descriptive slaughter-fest with a surprising pathos.

-Stephen Deas

Tome of the Undergates is a remarkable page-turner.  In my opinion, Sam Sykes is the Hot Young Turk of Fantastic Fiction.

-James A. Owen

Fast, furious, funny & brilliantly filthy…the most morbidly entertaining new voice in the genre since Joe Abercrombie.

-The Speculative Scotsman

A roller-coaster ride…action packed…fantasy daubed with blood…monumental battle scenes that send the pulse racing.

-Floor to Ceiling Books

Sam Sykes writes with real poetry, the characters are nicely drawn…the action comes thick and fast and the pace doesn’t let up.

-Sci-Fi London

Imaginative characters, a well-paced narrative and enough maiming, decapitation and evisceration to make 300 look tame…a bloody good read.  9/10

-Total Sci-Fi Online

If it is gritty Fantasy you’ve been dying for than Tome of the Undergates will certainly be the answer for you…Tome of the Undergates is a breath of fresh air tinged with a pang of dank water.

-Mad Hatter Book Reviews

There comes a point in any good book when you realise the number of pages left feels very finite & that fills you with sadness.

-Adrian Faulkner

I just finished Tome of the Undergates. It was fucking awesome. So, thanks for that.

-Sarah (not an author, but nice, anyway!)

Loud, brash and crazier than sack of weasels on angel dust, Tome is a shot across the bows of the fantasy genre and I think we have lots to look forward to from Mr Sykes in the coming years.

-My Favourite Books

Despite the author’s apparent obsession with bodily functions, specifically that of flatulence, this is a very solid beginning to what promises to be an epic storyline. Sykes writes with a wry humor; there is intense fighting action to be found here, certainly, and a complex plot filled with unexpected twists, but the underlying depraved sense of humor is undeniable. This series has great potential.

-Sacramento Book Review

Fans of Michael Moorcock and Glen Cook will find the same kind of cynicism and darkness, but so till will readers of David Eddings find the levity that was so characteristic of his work. It is juxtaposition, but Sykes treads the line well, making Tome of the Undergates recommended reading for fans of Joe Abercrombie or Scott Lynch.

-Grasping For the Wind

Things Said About Sam Sykes

You motherf**ker!

-Joe Abercrombie

Sam Sykes is one step behind a prostitute.

-Leanna Renee Hieber on Sam Sykes’ publicizing

I feel safer knowing exactly where you are.

-John Scalzi to Sam Sykes

You fiend.

-Joe Abercrombie

I will…the s**t out of you.

-Scott Lynch to Sam Sykes

I hate you.  Seriously.

-Aprilynne Pike to Sam Sykes

You are not six foot five.

-Joe Abercrombie on Sam Sykes’ height

As if I would ever respond to an email from you!

-John Scalzi

If you see him, tell him his damn dog dropped a steaming load in the living room again and I’m sure as hell not going to pick it up.

-Sam Sykes’ dad offering instructions to someone calling after him