The Skybound Sea

From whence She fell, She shall rise again.

The sky bleeds.  The earth groans.  The sea rises.

All that the demons have come to work for, the many lives they have lost and claimed, the carnage and misery they have sown in their wake, is about to be made complete.  With their revered patriarch at their head, they march for the Island of Jaga, the final resting place of their mother, the Kraken Queen.  Creation itself screams as she claws at the walls of her prison, ready to rejoin her children and preside over a drowning world.

The netherlings, intent on delivering her death for darker purposes, sail with an army of steel and fire to meet their demonic foes, not willing to let them drown a world they feel should rightfully burn.  And standing between them both lies an army of savage lizardmen, intent on making this island a floating tomb for demon and mortal alike.

All Lenk has to do to stop the end of the world is get past them all.

And the inhuman assassins dispatched to kill him.  And the unearthly voice possessing his body.  And his own companions.  And the woman he loves who wouldn’t mind seeing him dead.

Should be easy enough.