Self-Promotion for Horrible People

There is an immense conundrum in being a writer. I mean, there are plenty in writing, as well, but the very act of being a person public and visible and hoping to carve out a niche of adoration directly in the reverence center of peoples’ brains is bound to have its share of difficulties.  One […]

Webcomics Round-Up: Unadulterated

A subject that’s been on my mind a lot is the notion of self-loathing in genre. Bear with me.  If you were once young with siblings, you probably went through this phenomenon: your sibling commits some minor nuisance that–due to the politics of being a kid–becomes an atrocity.  You spend a great deal of time […]

A Graphic Post

So, I haven’t made a blog post in a while.  I know this hurts you, as viewers. I know you stayed up, night after sleepless night, finger on the refresh button, wildly mashing it in hopes of my reappearance.  I know every day that went by without a new blog post would result in you […]

A Time for Douchebags

I sometimes wonder if my writing will forever be trapped in that rebellious teenage phase. When I first started writing Tome of the Undergates, it was in direct response to a rough draft that I had begun penning when I was fourteen, which was influenced largely by the books I was reading at the time. Hence, there […]

Stormbeak: Book One of Wings From the South

Here’s a trick all aspiring writers should know: the closer you are to a project, the more likely you are to miss mistakes.  When you’re working on a project, emotions are running high and you’re in-tune with every word being written (this is why so many criticisms often feel like personal attacks; those are your […]

Fan Art: Sheraptus by Nina Lenth

‘Sup, yo. Comicon was a total blast.  Also, SFWA is apparently imploding over stuff with old dudes being old.  We can talk about that later.  I’m sleepy right now. So here, have some awesome fan art of everybody’s favorite lunatic deviant, Sheraptus.     Pretty awesome, huh? This was done by Nina Lenth.  Isn’t she […]

Phoenix Comicon 2013

As of the time of this writing, it is now May 10th, 6:00 in the evening. In another six hours, it will be May 11th, 12:00 in the morning. As my birthday is May 11th, by 6:00 in the evening of that day, I plan to be on my way to getting extremely drunk and […]

Here There Be Monsters

So, I’m reading Douglas Hulick’s Among Thieves right now and it’s quite good. It has almost everything I want: witty dialogue, in-combat banter, pirouettes and pivots, thieves’ cant, underworld politics, magic systems, histories, rich cultures and nary a feasting scene, training montage or poetry recital to be seen. The reason I say it has almost everything I want is […]


I received my very first piece of hate mail today. It had to happen eventually.  As an outrageous online persona possessed of views that sometimes skew the readership and skewer the meek, I often find myself at odds with certain subsections of the internet.  The clock marking the countdown to the moment I stepped on […]

Women of Significant Gravity

I didn’t want to like Tomb Raider. I mean, I really didn’t want to like it.  The earliest footage of its gameplay looked like something out of a snuff film with a heroine who was constantly moaning and whimpering at being constantly beat up between violent deaths.  I mean, the stuff that made it in was horrifying enough (warning: […]