New York Comicon

Hey there, friends. I know I haven’t blogged in a while.  This entry, too, will actually be super-short.  I’m hellaciously busy trying to prepare for New York Comicon next week.  As it turns out, an unintended side effect of being a lazy procrastinator is that you constantly have to be on the move to catch up to […]

The Cost of Doing Business

I am a man of few and meaningful fears. I am a man of many and insignificant annoyances. The former, I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on, since most people don’t seem to realize how terrified I am of certain subjects.  The latter, though, I need work on.  I can’t really […]

And that was WorldCon

As you could likely conclude from any convention that could give me a three-day hangover, WorldCon 2013 was very good to me.  And as such, I have mostly good things to say about it, having just returned from it on Sunday. Was it a great experience? Yes. Was it an awesome opportunity to see my […]

Kickstarter Support: Rogues’ Gallery by Edwin Huang

It is a point of semi-morbid pride when my twitter feed erupts in emotion over the latest arc of Unsounded, a comic whose writing and art is really just some of the best I’ve ever seen.  I am immensely happy when I see that people I’ve directed to this wonderful comic are enjoying it as much as […]

Bubonicon, WorldCon and Sam Sykes

My priorities in life are pretty weird. I started writing when I was young and thus my list of what was important to me usually went: 1) Getting girls to notice me, 2) Playing video games, 3) Writing, 4) Doing Homework, 5) Seeing people. But now that I am older and wiser, my priorities have […]

The Importance of Being a Bastard

Not for the first time, I asked myself last night: “Maybe it’s me?” I’ve been juggling anywhere from three to four new books by new fantasy authors for a few days now.  Each and every one of them is a lovely story written by a very talented author with a lot of compelling things about […]

Self-Promotion for Horrible People

There is an immense conundrum in being a writer. I mean, there are plenty in writing, as well, but the very act of being a person public and visible and hoping to carve out a niche of adoration directly in the reverence center of peoples’ brains is bound to have its share of difficulties.  One […]

Webcomics Round-Up: Unadulterated

A subject that’s been on my mind a lot is the notion of self-loathing in genre. Bear with me.  If you were once young with siblings, you probably went through this phenomenon: your sibling commits some minor nuisance that–due to the politics of being a kid–becomes an atrocity.  You spend a great deal of time […]

A Graphic Post

So, I haven’t made a blog post in a while.  I know this hurts you, as viewers. I know you stayed up, night after sleepless night, finger on the refresh button, wildly mashing it in hopes of my reappearance.  I know every day that went by without a new blog post would result in you […]

A Time for Douchebags

I sometimes wonder if my writing will forever be trapped in that rebellious teenage phase. When I first started writing Tome of the Undergates, it was in direct response to a rough draft that I had begun penning when I was fourteen, which was influenced largely by the books I was reading at the time. Hence, there […]