Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now, while I’m not entirely fond of Valentine’s Day myself, we do have a big of a tradition on the blog where eager young lovers write in Kataria and Denaos seeking romantic advice.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was unable to get this going this year. But, as I had no particular desire to […]

Men Without Fear

I didn’t like Thor 2. That took a lot of courage to say.  Fandom is a strange thing and there are few fandoms stranger than Marvel.  A slight against the Thor franchise is a slight against Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and (if you’re feeling saucy) Anthony Hopkins.  When I first said I didn’t like this movie […]

Unfortunate Modesty

Trigger Warning: This blog post discusses rape briefly. To give you an idea of my relationship with the concept of maturity: I spent most of last weekend arguing with Peter V. Brett over the definitive function of a magical system as cast by a mysterious order of proctomancers known as Butt Wizards. If that’s not clear […]

The Promotional Life

I’m always at a loss as to what to do around genre award season. Everyone’s either talking about books I have no real intentions of reading, votes I have no real intentions on thinking too deeply about and, as always, speeches on the state of the genre that I have no real intentions on listening […]

What is a Man?

So, fellow fantasy author Paul S. Kemp, published this piece entitled “Why I Write Masculine Stories.” For those of you who can’t be bothered to read it (but you really should), the gist of it is that Paul writes stories extolling what he considers to be traditional virtues of manhood.  He is fairly unapologetic about […]


So, Mike Krahulik, also known as Gabe from Penny Arcade, has just posted his New Year’s resolution. I used to read Penny Arcade religiously.  I’ve got a few books of Gabe and Tycho’s, each one signed.  I’ve enjoyed many of their recommendations and have generally thought they were (ultimately) a positive influence for gamers.  But […]

You Shall Not Pass

Now, I know that the end of year is typically where you see a lot of blogs posting a “Best/Worst” lists, summarizing their reads, their events, their very lives in a few paragraphs or awards.  And I had thought about doing that, but I wound up writing only the Worst parts and doing so in […]

Sword and Laser and Danger and Women

UPDATE: Because I can’t actually count, it turns out that my appearance on Sword and Laser will be this Tuesday, not Thursday.  Sorry for the inconvenience. So, hey there. It’s been awhile since we talked, hasn’t it?  How have you been?  How’s school going?  Are you making new friends?  Doing your homework?  Getting enough to […]

Have At You, Bro

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m a pretty solid fan of Fantasy Faction.  Their articles, reviews and community are a part of fantasy fandom that I find quite endearing and their article on writing combat scenes is something I found rather charming. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m also […]

The Hulk Is On Twitter

Having been a professional author for three or so years now, people occasionally ask me for advice on the profession.  Amongst these are questions I cannot answer to anyone’s satisfaction, such as how one gets published (you write a good book), how one writes a good book (you just do) or how one goes about […]