Seize When Firm

I’m getting older. And my brain is becoming less elastic.  I’m slowly becoming closed to new ideas, slowly becoming unable to process new information, slowly becoming unable to learn new things.  Eventually, my brain will harden entirely and I will be completely closed-off from an ever-changing world.  I will come to hate and fear youth, […]

Women Who Stab Things

I love Rat Queens. That’s not the line I wanted to open with for this particular blog post. I wanted to tell you I was going to come to here to tell you what an important comic Rat Queens, written by Kurtis J. Wiebe and drawn by Johnny Rocwell, was.  I wanted to illustrate in no uncertain terms just how […]

Tucson Festival of Books 2014

Hey, gang! If you are in or around Tucson this weekend, why not come check out the Tucson Festival of Books? It’s a great show with a lot to offer.  Also, I will be there with some weird guys.  Like Kevin Hearne, Chuck Wendig, Elizabeth Bear and some Brian…Brandon….Sand…Sandyson…Sandersomething. Anyway, here’s my schedule.  Come check me […]

Teeth on Leg, Forever Chewing

I have sat here, staring at a cursor blinking on a white screen, for some time now. I have done this because I am absolutely terrified of making this blog post. If you’re part of the SFF community, I guess you know what it’s about.  If you don’t, I guess you can read a summary […]

A Nutshot Most Tasteful

You ever read Zen Pencils? It’s one of the more peculiar webcomics out there, ostensibly being a series of cartoons formed around inspirational quotes.  It’s something of a series of illustrated affirmations, most of them pertaining to the work of a creative, be they illustrator, writer or craftsman.  Given that the aim seems to be […]

Winter is Coming in a Moderately-Priced Package

I allow myself few nerdrages. The reasons are myriad: I don’t feel I’d have much to add to the “raving wildly at the camera and/or blog” reviews-as-performance-art that are so in chic, I don’t think it’s entirely becoming to channel your geekish enthusiasm into a frothing, spittle-laden fury, but chiefly, I don’t think pedantry is […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now, while I’m not entirely fond of Valentine’s Day myself, we do have a big of a tradition on the blog where eager young lovers write in Kataria and Denaos seeking romantic advice.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was unable to get this going this year. But, as I had no particular desire to […]

Men Without Fear

I didn’t like Thor 2. That took a lot of courage to say.  Fandom is a strange thing and there are few fandoms stranger than Marvel.  A slight against the Thor franchise is a slight against Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and (if you’re feeling saucy) Anthony Hopkins.  When I first said I didn’t like this movie […]

Unfortunate Modesty

Trigger Warning: This blog post discusses rape briefly. To give you an idea of my relationship with the concept of maturity: I spent most of last weekend arguing with Peter V. Brett over the definitive function of a magical system as cast by a mysterious order of proctomancers known as Butt Wizards. If that’s not clear […]

The Promotional Life

I’m always at a loss as to what to do around genre award season. Everyone’s either talking about books I have no real intentions of reading, votes I have no real intentions on thinking too deeply about and, as always, speeches on the state of the genre that I have no real intentions on listening […]