Second Verse, Unlike the First

Last Monday, March 23, at around 1:20 AM, I finished the first draft of the second book in the Bring Down Heaven series: The Mortal Tally. Currently, it’s with the editors at Orbit and Gollancz, being read through with great attentiveness. Eventually, it will come back with notes.  I will go back and forth on these notes with […]

In The Tombs of Poets

This is 3 Ninjas. If you’re around my age, you might remember it as part of a mid-90’s craze for all things ninja.  After the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American youth could not get enough of wisecracking young men practicing the art of ninjutsu.  There were a few things that came out of this era, some […]

Tucson Festival of Books 2015!

Hey, hey!  Next weekend, March 14th-15th, I’ll be at the Tucson Festival of Books!  It’s one of my very favorite convention-types to go to for the variety of authors and genres represented.  They always do such an amazing job with panels. And speaking of which, here’s my schedule, just in case you want to find […]

Fanart Contest: The Big Winners!

Okay, so last time I showed you the very excellent entries that really blew my mind.  But these next two just about made the fragments of my poor, erupted brain ooze out of my ears and puddle upon the floor in pure joy. First up, Chanh has sent in this tremendously awesome interpretation of Asper. Not going […]

Fanart Contest Winners: Round One!

Now, I know I’m very late with this, having announced this game back in October, but with so many good newses happening around the world I was compelled to put it on pause. However, now that everything is done for now, I have a chance to post this!  The initial winners of the Fanart Contest! […]

A Man In Search of Trails

Maybe you couldn’t tell from my constant tweets about sex scenes and the numerous, vulgarity-strewn fight scenes in my books, but I’m a guy who puts a high priority on fun. I have a number of philosophical reasons for this.  Chief among which is that I believe that people absorb meaning much more effectively on […]

A Caring Hand on a Tense Buttock

About a week ago, as I was finishing the first draft of The Mortal Tally, second book in the Bring Down Heaven trilogy, I stopped at the end of the last sentence on the last page on the second to last chapter.  I stared at the blinking cursor for a moment, reading the words it had just regurgitated, like a […]

Updates for Jerks

Were you to compare my blog to a movie right now, it would be like I Am Legend: one man wandering through a forgotten wasteland whose demons lurk in the darkness as deer and wildlife prosper in the ruins of its former greatness.  Also, there’s an angry guy wearing a fedora in the back complaining that the […]

The City Stained Red Launch Party!

If you are in, around or near Scottsdale, Arizona (and by near, I mean like maybe within 1000 miles), I want you to clear your goddamn calendars because I’m having a launch party, motherfuggas! January 31st, at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore, I will be signing copies of The City Stained Red, which will be out in print. […]

Speakers of the Claus

Ho ho ho there, friends! The holiday season is upon us and people are doubtless busy buying presents, wrapping presents, putting presents under the tree and drinking excessive amounts of eggnog to drown out the little voice in the back of their head that shrieks “why so much material wealth, why so many presents, this […]