Answer the Companions: Lust & Rust

        “Ugh.  My back is killing me.  My head feels like it was stomped on.  What the hell happened last night?”         “You realized what we had to do today and tried to drink yourself to death.  Normally, I applaud that sort of behavior, but when I started criticizing […]

Ask the Companions III: Shot Through the Heart

It’s February!  And that means it’s almost VALENTINE’S DAY! That’s right, motherfuckers!  The day when homes are raided, people are dragged out of their beds and screaming into the night to be rounded up in pens and summarily judged to see if their obligations toward their romantic partners are met or face oblivion. So yeah, it’s pretty […]

The Mortal Tally: Kill Demons, Get Money

The time has come, friends. In a little over two months, The Mortal Tally, the second book in the Bring Down Heaven trilogy, will be available for purchase. And that means it’s time to PREORDER! As an author, preorders are pretty great for me.  My editors are able to look at it, see that people are excited for my […]

The Gate Opens

Since the arrival of The City Stained Red, a lot of people have expressed an interest in reading my earlier works: Tome of the Undergates, Black Halo and The Skybound Sea. And for that, I am perpetually grateful.  I absolutely adore the enthusiasm and exuberance for all my work. So it has routinely irritated me to have to tell people […]

Hey guys! I write comics, too!

So, from my various rants on superhero costumes to my occasional comics depicting a sexually-inappropriate Spider-Man, you probably realize I love comics.  And if that wasn’t evidence enough, there is the fact that I had one made for my very own story with the insanely good help of my friend, Ashley Cope. Flesh and Blood, […]

New York Comicon 2015!

HEY, GUYS! It’s almost October!  Which means it’s almost time for New York Comic Con! I’ll be there again this year, doing both panels and giveaways!  And you can come see me!  YOU BETTER COME SEE ME! My schedule as such for this year is… Fantasy Draft League: Thursday, October 8th.  4:15 PM – 5:15 PM.  ROOM […]

Unshaken, not Unstirred

Hey.  You guys want to talk about heroes? I’ve been attending some cons lately–San Diego Comicon, New York Comicon next month, and most recently GenCon, which spurred this blogpost–and I’ve been on a few panels in which authors, editors and audience members alike have been voicing a common thought on a singular sigh. “I miss […]

GenCon 2015!

HEY ASSHOLES, IT’S ME. What a busy month this is.  First San Diego Comicon (and thanks so much, those of you who came to see me) and now GenCon 2015!  The biggest gaming convention in the United States will be hosting me as a guest at the Writer’s Symposium this year! So, if you’re going […]

San Diego Comicon 2015!

Will you be at San Diego Comicon in two weeks?  Hooray!  So will I!  We can be friends! If you’d like to see me there, you can find me at the following locations: FRIDAY 10:00 AM-11:00 AM, Room 32AB: Romantic Adventure!  We’re going to discuss how romance and fantasy and adventurous stuff intertwine!  So basically this […]

He Who Bones Monsters

I don’t think any subject should not be written about.  Nor do I believe that the word “forbidden” should be taken at face value.  But I do believe that writing is a cooperative act: as you shape the piece, the piece also shapes you.  And some subjects will carry you over a terrible threshold from […]