Gritty People, Gritty Problems

It’s weird being a child of the internet. I get annoyed when people bring up memes that I’ve already known about and gotten tired of six weeks before.  I’m waiting for the Harlem Shake to catch on in earnest and become even more unbearable.  It enrages me to no end that I’m in a position […]

The Intimate Epic

Just a quick reminder: this Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be at the Tucson Festival of Books.  Check my schedule here!  Hope to see you there! I’m going to warn you in advance: I’m going to be talking about sex in fantasy again. And the reason I’m going to warn you is because this is apparently […]

Webcomics Round-Up

Remember!  I’ll be at the Tucson Festival of Books next weekend!  Check my schedule here and be sure to drop by! Now, then.  Check out what came in the mail today…   Aw yeah. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but Unsounded by Ashley Cope remains one of my favorite webcomics out there.  I […]

Tucson Festival of Books: March 9-10

Perhaps you didn’t know this about me, but I sometimes get invited to fancy events to share my writerly knowledge with those who don’t yet realize that it mostly involves me doing seal impressions with the words “conflict” and “subgenre” mixed in. The Tucson Festival of Books is one such event. I’ll be there this […]

Ask the Companions II: The Heart Wants

            SHIT!  What time is it?  We were supposed to answer these days ago!           It’s only been a few days.  Or…or, hang on, let me count the bottles.  One, two…six… …oh dear.  Well.  We’d better get to it, hadn’t we? Dear Denaos and Kataria, For […]

Ask The Companions Part I: Love is Dead

              A fine day to you all, lovers old and young, washed and filthy.  We remain ever so pleased that you had no other obligations on this day of affections, coerced or non, than to come and learn at our feet.           Ugh.  How did […]

Kataria Gives You Dating Advice

The tail end of January isn’t generally well-loved. More so than an impending storm, more so than climate change, more so than a swarm of locusts, people seem to have the ability to sense the coming of February and their dread for its arrival mounts with each passing day we inch closer to that most […]

Immortal ConFusion and Updates

So, some neat new stuff to talk about today. For one (and this is extremely short notice), I will be at Immortal ConFusion next weekend, January 18th through the 20th!  I’ll have panels!  Probably other stuff, too!  If you’re coming and would like to see me, please don’t hesitate to walk right up and tell […]


There are many things I don’t like about new years. The agonizing hangover, which I’ve deftly avoided this year, rounds out the bottom of my list.  Ever since the first night of 2011, when I chugged a bottle of cherry Gatorade before going to bed after heavy drinking and woke up to vomit that made […]

Love + War

I don’t like the word “relationship.” No one does. For one, it’s a long and soft word, full of hissing and seething noises, so it’s naturally unpleasant to hear.  We like our soft words to be short, the better to convey the impact of their message, like “love.”  And we like our long words to […]