GenCon 2015!

HEY ASSHOLES, IT’S ME. What a busy month this is.  First San Diego Comicon (and thanks so much, those of you who came to see me) and now GenCon 2015!  The biggest gaming convention in the United States will be hosting me as a guest at the Writer’s Symposium this year! So, if you’re going […]


San Diego Comicon 2015!

Will you be at San Diego Comicon in two weeks?  Hooray!  So will I!  We can be friends! If you’d like to see me there, you can find me at the following locations: FRIDAY 10:00 AM-11:00 AM, Room 32AB: Romantic Adventure!  We’re going to discuss how romance and fantasy and adventurous stuff intertwine!  So basically this […]


He Who Bones Monsters

I don’t think any subject should not be written about.  Nor do I believe that the word “forbidden” should be taken at face value.  But I do believe that writing is a cooperative act: as you shape the piece, the piece also shapes you.  And some subjects will carry you over a terrible threshold from […]


Papers, Please

So, before I say anything else, I want to say that Phoenix Comicon 2015 was a rousing, immense success. The panels were fantastic.  The panelists were even better.  We sold out of our copies of The City Stained Red, which is tops.  And, above all else, the fans were absolutely phenomenal.  Phoenix Comicon is my very favorite […]


Phoenix Comicon 2015!

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! Yes!  It’s the very best time of year, where people dressed like ninjas and people dressed like robots come together for the purpose of buying swag and seeing authors make fools of themselves! IT’S PHOENIX COMICON, MOTHERFUCKER! You probably came here to find out where I’ll be.  Can’t say I blame you. […]


Upon the Backs of Robots

When I was a young man, I never really thought about what sort of entertainment I consumed. I never really contemplated the philosophical ramifications of my He-Man action figures.  I had a Skeletor figure with one of those little orbs in the chest that changed sigils and that was badass as fuck and that was […]

How to Help an Author

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I’m going to be featured in a short story anthology. Shawn Speakman, who previously coagulated a number of virulent authors in paper format in the anthology Unfettered, has decided to do the same thing in a new anthology, Unbound. Said anthology features a number of fine and sassy authors, […]


Second Verse, Unlike the First

Last Monday, March 23, at around 1:20 AM, I finished the first draft of the second book in the Bring Down Heaven series: The Mortal Tally. Currently, it’s with the editors at Orbit and Gollancz, being read through with great attentiveness. Eventually, it will come back with notes.  I will go back and forth on these notes with […]


In The Tombs of Poets

This is 3 Ninjas. If you’re around my age, you might remember it as part of a mid-90’s craze for all things ninja.  After the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American youth could not get enough of wisecracking young men practicing the art of ninjutsu.  There were a few things that came out of this era, some […]

Tucson Festival of Books 2015!

Hey, hey!  Next weekend, March 14th-15th, I’ll be at the Tucson Festival of Books!  It’s one of my very favorite convention-types to go to for the variety of authors and genres represented.  They always do such an amazing job with panels. And speaking of which, here’s my schedule, just in case you want to find […]

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