Sexy Destroyers of the Future

Featured image used with permission by Aerlyn’s Costumes and Designs! So, if you’re at all into comics, you’ve probably seen this. Denise Dorman, wife of Dave Dorman, recently illuminated a problem that’s been talked about for ages and has now been coming to a head: Comicon doesn’t seem to be about comics anymore.  She goes […]


Red Nooses in Tight Circles

This week is Banned Books Week, seven days in which we celebrate the essential freedom to read.  I’d never given it much thought before.  Not until my publisher at Orbit sent me an email and asked if there was anything I’d like to do for Banned Books Week. I promise I had something more funny […]


Ape Fight

If you’ve read this blog in at least a passing capacity, you probably know that I like supporting various art projects.  I’m a huge fan of artists and I love supporting them with linkage from this blog where I can. If you’ve been reading this blog in the past few months, you’ll know that I […]


That Moment When…

That moment when you finish writing a book. That moment when you realize how much work is left to do. That moment when you edit relentlessly, polishing every word until it shines. That moment when you think it’s taking a long time but you know it’s worth taking a long time to do it. That […]


Choking on the Slurpee of Fantasy

There probably a dozen good reasons to hate Robert J. Bennett. For one, he is an absolutely dreadful housemate, I’m told, insisting on performing morning calisthenics at 6 AM and livestreaming the events from a GoPro situated on the floor between his legs with the lens pointed up.  He has a lengthy list of academic […]

GenCon 2014!

Hey, fellas! While a bunch of my loser friends are over at LonCon, I thought I’d get down in the trenches with the gaming men and women of our great world and attend GenCon.  Fortunately, they were nice enough to put me on the Writer’s Symposium track and I’ll be doing a few panels while […]


Colonels of Industry

I am not of the opinion that Traditionally Published Authors and Self-Published Authors are as chainmail and rust monsters (see what happened there?  That’s nerd cred, son). Rather, I’m of the opinion that the line between the two is getting fuzzier every day.  Good kind of fuzzy, like a teddy bear someone would hand you […]

Tales of Punishment

A few things about me. 1) I’ve been a guest at Phoenix Comicon for four years now.  It is my favorite con, my home con, and I love it dearly enough to have spent a lot of effort contributing to it via lending my particular expertise to its panels and attendants. 2) I love Japanese […]

San Diego Comicon!

Hello, friends! Next week is San Diego Comicon!  I will be there!  Along with several other dumb authors! WHERE WILL I BE? PUTTING THE EPIC IN EPIC FANTASY Thursday 7/24, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Room 25ABC Signing to follow. Swords, magic, and chivalric knights on white horses — or should that be morally ambiguous […]

The City Stained Red

Just like I said I would, I did.   Every city has its secrets, every man has his demons. The city of Cier’Djaal has grown rich from the silk its horse-sized spiders spin.  From their unimaginable wealth, the fasha ruling class built a city the likes of which legends strain to capture: spires that glitter […]

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