Phoenix Comicon and Beyond!

WOW HOLY COW THIS BLOG UPDATED AGAIN. I bet you’re expecting some fun stuff, eh?  Maybe some huge announcements or deep musings on the nature of life?  Or maybe just a lovely piece of artwork? Well, too bad, dummy.  It’s even better than that! PHOENIX COMICON 2017 IS HERE! Once again, yours truly has been […]

Salt Lake City Comicon!

What are you doing Labor Day weekend?  Probably spending time with your family, reflecting on the virtues of honest work and considering your place in the world.  Like a nerd. As for me?  I’ll be at Salt Lake City Comicon!  September 1-3! And if you’re smart, you’ll be there, too!  And if you’re smart, but also […]

San Diego Comicon Schedule!

CON SEASON CONTINUES, MOTHER HUBBARDS! In a mere two weeks, I will be participating in San Diego Comicon 2016! My schedule is as follows! WEDNESDAY Drunk in A Gutter (All Day, In a Gutter Somewhere): Join me and whoever else happens to join me as I pass out in a pile of my own human misery, passersby looking […]

Phoenix Comicon and Elevengeddon!

Storm clouds gather.  The land grows dark and dry as the bones from a freshly-picked corpse.  In the night, a child cries out and no one is sure why. But I know… PHOENIX COMICON 2016 HAS COME! That’s right, once again, my favorite con of the year, my home con, is right around the corner. […]

Emerald City Comicon!

HEY, ASSHOLES!  I’M GONNA BE AT EMERALD CITY COMICON! That’s right, from April 7th through April 10th, I’ll be hanging around, doing thangs and generally being a total jerk!  YOU SHOULD COME SAY HELLO! Here’s where I’ll be: ORBIT BOOKS PANEL: Friday, April 8th.  2:45-3:45 PM.   Room W603 Come hang out with me, Seanan McGuire, […]

WonderCon & Mysterious Galaxy Signings!

HOLY SMOKES! We’re a little over a week out from the release of The Mortal Tally!  If you liked The City Stained Red (and presumably you did, if you’re at this blog), then you’re probably as excited as I am for the release of this book!  Maybe even more excited since you don’t know who dies! …er, forget I said […]

March Appearances!

HEY JERKS! February is almost over!  Your opportunities to buy discount chocolate hearts before they’re melted down and reformed into discount chocolate bunnies is quickly closing!  But do not fear.  There is no cause for alarm. Because you’ve got Sam Sykes. That’s right.  It turns out March is going to be a busy-ass month for […]

Answer the Companions: Lust & Rust

        “Ugh.  My back is killing me.  My head feels like it was stomped on.  What the hell happened last night?”         “You realized what we had to do today and tried to drink yourself to death.  Normally, I applaud that sort of behavior, but when I started criticizing […]

Ask the Companions III: Shot Through the Heart

It’s February!  And that means it’s almost VALENTINE’S DAY! That’s right, motherfuckers!  The day when homes are raided, people are dragged out of their beds and screaming into the night to be rounded up in pens and summarily judged to see if their obligations toward their romantic partners are met or face oblivion. So yeah, it’s pretty […]

The Mortal Tally: Kill Demons, Get Money

The time has come, friends. In a little over two months, The Mortal Tally, the second book in the Bring Down Heaven trilogy, will be available for purchase. And that means it’s time to PREORDER! As an author, preorders are pretty great for me.  My editors are able to look at it, see that people are excited for my […]

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