Sam Sykes has done many things worthy of note, most of them involving violence of one manner or another.  Amongst his feats of strength, he counts the following:

  • Wrestling a Kodiak bear to the earth
  • Defeating nine of ten prime ministers
  • Founding, and later destroying, the East India Company
  • The Renaissance

Those are most likely true, as Sam Sykes is not given to lying without cause.

Sam Sykes currently lives in the United States with his two hounds and, at any given time, is probably yelling at something inanimate.  Tome of the Undergates is his first book, but far from his last.  At 25, Sam Sykes is in an excellent position to provide entertainment while other authors are dying from various infections and stress-related illnesses.  Sam Sykes looks forward to being one of the sole providers of fantasy entertainment, assuming no other authors are actually discovered in the next forty years.

If you have read this far, you are undoubtedly learning that Sam Sykes is an individual you must know personally to be spared his wrath.  Why not check out the BOOKS section and see if his writing is as fancy as your expectations demand?  Or head on over to the LOST PAGES or COMIC section to learn more about how such horrors are created.  If all else fails and you learn nothing of Sam Sykes through this, drop him a line through the CONTACT section.  Be forewarned, though; Sam Sykes’ fury is as terrible as his generosity, so you should probably pay him a nice compliment or something, especially if he’s just woken up from a nap.

Terribly cranky, that man.