Dragon*Con 2017!


Remember when we used this blog for announcing things other than appearances at conventions?  I don’t!  And neither do you!  This is the way it’s always been!  Forever!

Anyway…it looks like your friend, Ol’ Sam Sykes, will be at Dragon*Con this year (you have to put the asterisk in or you go to jail).  And if you’re going to be there, too, he’d like to see you.  You can find him at one of the many fine panels or signings below:


What is High Fantasy: Ol’ Sam Sykes is gonna tell you all about elfs and dwarfs and wizards and such. Maybe spin a few lies, a few tales.  Possibly have a stein of mead.

1:00 PM, Room L401-403-Marriott

Buy My Book: Ol’ Sam Sykes couldn’t possibly tell you what they want him on this panel for.

5:30 PM, Room Embassy EF-Hyatt

Comedy in Fantasy: Ol’ Sam Sykes is gonna tell you a couple of jokes about elfs and dwarfs.  Definitely steins of mead involved probably.

7:00 PM, Room Embassy EF-Hyatt


Signing at Badali Jewelry: This will be my only signing, I think, so if you’ve got a book that needs signed, you can either leave it at the booth for me to get to (make sure to include your name) or swing by!

2:00 PM, Booth 2422 & 2424 on Second Floor of the Exhibit Hall


Fantasy Graphic Novels: We’ll be talking about the transition from fantasy novels to the comics page!  Let’s all see if we can’t get along!

10:00 AM, Room Embassy EF-Hyatt

Delphic Oracle: Fantasy authors are going to tell a story by using one word at a time!  There is no possible way that this can go wrong at all!

1:00 PM, Room Embassy EF-Hyatt

Sexy Fantasy: I’m actually really interested in this one.  I’ve written about sex in fantasy a lot, as you’d know if this blog weren’t only about announcing where I’d be, so I look forward to hearing what other authors have to say on the subject.

10:00 PM, Room Embassy EF-Hyatt


Folklore Roots of the Monsters of Fantasy: Fantasy monsters!  Trolls!  Ogres!  Old wives’ tales!  Except told by someone who is not an old wife!  Come on by!

10:00 AM, Room Chastain 1-2-Westin

And that’s it!

I hope to see you there!  And if I don’t, I hope you’re ready to see me haunting you in your nightmares because that’s where I’m coming next!


Ol’ Sam Sykes


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