Phoenix Comicon and Beyond!


I bet you’re expecting some fun stuff, eh?  Maybe some huge announcements or deep musings on the nature of life?  Or maybe just a lovely piece of artwork?

Well, too bad, dummy.  It’s even better than that!


Once again, yours truly has been invited to cause a little mayhem and talk a little about books.  I hope you’ll come and visit me!  And, if you do, here’s my schedule to help you better stalk hunt find me.


As is tradition, the Poisoned Pen is once again hosting dozens of authors who come into town for Phoenix Comicon.  This year, it’s being held at the Scottsdale Hilton to accommodate the sheer numbers of awesome that have come into town!  Come visit me, Jim Butcher, VE Schwab, Aprilynne Pike, Brian McClellan, Myke Cole and more!

Do it or I’ll hunt you in the night!


WOULD YOU RATHER: 1:30 PM, North 126AB

Once again, for some reason Phoenix Comicon is allowing us to play a very childish game and embarrass each other and you can be there to see it.  Come see me host the dumbest game ever with Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Katie Salidas, Brian McClellan and Aprilynne Pike!

BETWEEN THE CACTI: Sam Sykes, Scott Lynch, Myke Cole and Wesley Chu: 3:00 PM, North 125 AB

A completely unscripted, unmoderated discussion between four excellent authors and one ghost.  We’ll cover everything from fun fantasy to whether Myke Cole can drink out of a toilet.  Come visit!

SIGNING: 6:00 PM Exhibitor Hall (Changing Hands Bookstore)


Get Me Out of Here!: 12:00 PM, North 126C

Me and a number of other authors will be answering cross-genre questions and the audience will be deciding how well our answers hold up!  The first one to lose gets hit in the face with a brick (maybe).  Come see who it’ll be!

Apocalypse Now?: 1:30 PM, North 126C

For absolutely no reason at all in the year 2017, people tend to be thinking about the end of the world a lot.  Crazy, right?  Me, Myke Cole, Jason Hough, Dan Wells, Alexandra Oliva and Sherrilyn Kenyon will be discussing our favorite apocalypse scenarios and whether or not there’s a story afterward.

SIGNING: 3:00 PM Exhibitor Hall (Changing Hands Bookstore)


Writing Rogues II: 10:30 AM, North 126AB

This was one of my very favorite panels we ever did and this year, I have the honor of moderating it.  Together with Jim Butcher, Bradley Beaulieu, Victoria Schwab, Brian McClellan, Wesley Chu and more, we’ll be discussing what effectively makes a character that operates outside the law or even the confines of the story.

Fantasy Draft II: 12:00 PM, North 126AB

I’ll be hosting this year’s fantasy draft league.  Bradley Beaulieu, Brent Weeks, Scott Lynch and Brian McClellan will each be charged with putting together a team of cleric, thief, fighter and wizard from literature and pop culture.  Victoria Schwab and Terry Brooks, our honorable judges, will decide which one has the best.  I’ve got $10 large on McClellan.

SIGNING: 3:00 PM, Exhibitor Hall (Changing Hands Bookstore)

Author Batsu with Sam Sykes: 4:30 PM, North 125AB.

It’s that time again.  Time for glory.  Time for pain.  Time for authors to line up and perform a task and be severely punished with hot salsa, should they fail to do so.  This year, we welcome returning competitors Myke Cole, Aprilynne Pike, Pierce Brown and Scott Sigler, as well as newcomers Wesley Chu and Brent Weeks.  Let’s see who survives this year!


SIGNING: 1:00 PM, Exhibitor Hall (Badali Jewelry Booth #1696)

Not Another F’ing Worldbuilding Panel: 3:00 PM, North 126C

HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING!?  We’ll talk about building worlds.  Maybe one of us will be drunk?  One of us should be drunk.  Come by and see who!

And that’s it!

If you’re by, come visit us!  If you’re not, you’ll regret it!  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not when I’m banging down your door to get into your house, but soon!  And for the rest of your life!

Happy Comiconing, everyone!

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