Phoenix Comicon and Elevengeddon!

Storm clouds gather.  The land grows dark and dry as the bones from a freshly-picked corpse.  In the night, a child cries out and no one is sure why.

But I know…


That’s right, once again, my favorite con of the year, my home con, is right around the corner.  The weekend of June 2-5 is reserved for all manner of literary debauchery, panelist hijinx and more habanero salsa that can safely be consumed by man.

And if you’re reading this site, you doubtlessly want to know where you can find me.  WELL, YOU’RE IN LUCK, BUDDY, BECAUSE I’LL TELL YOU.

As always, you can find any of the schedules of any of the presenting authors herebut there are some events you might not know about!  My appearances are as follows…

Wednesday, June 1

ELEVENGEDDONPoisoned Pen Bookstore, 7 PM

With the endless generosity and patience of Kevin Hearne as our guide, we authors have coalesced into a shitshow of monumental proportions.  Almost two dozen authors will be gathering at the Poisoned Pen bookstore at 7 PM to sign everything you could ever want.  Copies of my books will be there, as well as others’.  If you can’t make it to the con, it’s a great time to stop by!

Thursday, June 2

Would You Rather: North 128B, 4:30 PM

Because we are children and Phoenix Comicon is too forgiving, we are allowed to play this dumb game.  Come watch us.

Friday, June 3

Adventuring Parties: Still Cool?  North 129A, 12:00 PM

Man, if they aren’t, I am fucked.

-Is This a Kissing Book?  North 129A, 1:30 PM

Relationships!  Romance!  Smooching!  Are they necessary in epic fantasies?  Are they even desirable?  Again, if they aren’t, I am fucked.

-Would You Lie to Me?  North 128B, 6:00 PM

Jason M. Hough brings his own brand of game show to Phoenix Comicon!  We authors try to separate fact from fiction as we lie gratuitously toward each other in the hopes of humiliating each other on stage!

Saturday, June 4

-Motherflippin’ Wizards: North 129A, 10:30 AM

Not content to merely discuss magic systems, we’re here to figure out what happens when magic impacts the character!

-Glowy Swords: Magical McGuffins: North 129A, 1:30 PM

Magic swords, talking swords, glowy swords, perhaps even a ring or two.  We’re gonna talk about the magic bullshit that makes fantasy stories go ’round!

-Author Batsu with Sam Sykes: North 129A, 4:30 PM

Once again, welcoming a Phoenix Comicon tradition, me and a few idiots are going to try to make each other laugh and force BRUTAL PUNISHMENT on one another!

Sunday, June 5

-Worst Panel In the World: North 128A, 1:30 PM

Come shoot the shiz with us as we welcome a hangover panel to talk about the terrible things we have learned during this convention.

-Embarrassing Author Con Stories: North 128B, 4:30 PM

The grim survivors of the con gather to discuss their weirdest, awkward and most embarrassing stories they were either a part of or caused.



If you’ve read this far, your reward for doing so will be the realization that there will be an EXTREMELY LIMITED number of copies of An Affinity for Steel, The Aeons’ Gate omnibus, available for purchase at Phoenix Comicon!

Simply locate the Worldbuilders’ booth and shell out $20 and those copies are YOURS.  These aren’t on sale for a few days, but you’ll get your chance to get them early and signed if you swing by!  Holy smokes!

And that’s it!

I better see you there!  OR ELSE!

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