Emerald City Comicon!


That’s right, from April 7th through April 10th, I’ll be hanging around, doing thangs and generally being a total jerk!  YOU SHOULD COME SAY HELLO!

Here’s where I’ll be:

ORBIT BOOKS PANEL: Friday, April 8th.  2:45-3:45 PM.  

Room W603

Come hang out with me, Seanan McGuire, Brent Weeks and Gail Carriger as we talk about all things Orbit books!  Do you like books?  Do you like my books?  Do you like someone else’s books who is at Orbit?  Come.  YOU BETTER COME.  YOU BETTER SAY HELLO.

Signing: Friday, April 8th.  4:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Signing Area

I will sign your books right after this panel!  HOLY CRAP, HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET?

BADALI JEWELRY SIGNING: Friday, April 8th.  4:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

Booth #111

So, the time on this is a little janky, because it turns out I accidentally can’t schedule things worth a DAMN.  But please follow my twitter and I’ll be posting frequent updates as to my location and time!

WORLDBUILDERS CHARITY EVENT: Saturday, April 9th.  7:00 PM.

Room 2AB.  Convention Center.

Come play games and raise money for charity with me and a bunch of other awful authors!  Sponsored by Heifer International, you can do a good deed and come fucking LOSE YOUR GODDAMN SHIT WHILE PLAYING BOARD GAMES, HOLY CRAP.  BUY TICKETS HERE.  GO NOW.  GO.

And if you can’t find me at one of these places, I’ll be posting my location frequently on twitter, because I am easy to stalk and make bad decisions!


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