Ask the Companions III: Shot Through the Heart

It’s February!  And that means it’s almost VALENTINE’S DAY!

That’s right, motherfuckers!  The day when homes are raided, people are dragged out of their beds and screaming into the night to be rounded up in pens and summarily judged to see if their obligations toward their romantic partners are met or face oblivion.

So yeah, it’s pretty hot.

But if you’re a reader of this blog, you might know that Valentine’s Day has a different tradition around these parts.

That’s right, you sassy sasquatches!  It’s time once again for…



We’ve done this a few times before on the blog and it remains a fan favorite.  And an anti-fan favorite.  And an aggressive guy who lives in my dumpsters behind the alley favorite.

The concept is very simple.

Do you have a question about romance?  Dating?  How to catch the eye of that self-absorbed fella at work?  Where to take that sassy gal with a spunky attitude and a fresh new perspective on life?  Who should have the dominance in a relationship after the ceremonial fistfight to establish it ended in a draw?  What to do about that funny smell coming from under the basement door and why your significant other is always dragging wet, sopping bags down there?

Ask the companions!

Just send in an email using this contact sheet here.

Title it “Dear Kataria,” or “Dear Denaos,” or “Dear Companions” or dear whatever, we’ll get the idea.

Then write down the question you’d like to ask Denaos or Kataria.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, they’ll go through your terrible questions and give you equally terrible answers!  What a treat!

You can read the preceding years’ entries here and here!

Please don’t hesitate to send in any questions you might have!  You have until February 14th!  And since we’re all having fun, what the hell.

The most interesting question will receive a signed copy of The City Stained Red (North America only; sorry, shipping’s a dick).


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