Days of Thunder

Hey, guys.

I had a pretty good post I was going to make about Bruce Willis and Die Hard and how hardship defines a character, but then I got into kind of a weird spiral about action heroes and hit something I called “The Schwarzenegger Anomaly” and it all kind of got away from me.  So today’s a housekeeping post in which I tell you some stuff. and I are having a brief love affair lately.  When we pass each other in the hallway, I always offer a little wink and it has written my name in its math book in seven different languages, just to see how each one sounds.  Don’t believe that a love such as ours can exist?  Behold…

The first four chapters of Black Halo, free to read, as Aidan Moher watches on jealously.

A Black Halo giveaway.

An Ask Sam Sykes plea.

You see what I’m sayin’?  Girl be all into me.  Happens, yo.  Ladies go wild in the presence of Sam Sykes.  Men, too.

But, enough about how you’re growing more breathless with rage thinking about what Tor and I have.

The Ranting Dragon is quickly becoming one of the better review sites for fantasy novels out there.  I’m not just saying that because they adored Tome of the Undergates, either.  They’re well-armed, well-organized and well-prepared with a plethora of content, reviews and interviews; if this were a post-apocalypse scenario, they would probably be one of the more menacing street gangs roaming the wastelands and enslaving lesser blogs for sport.

Also, they did an interview with me that you should check out because they asked a lot of cool questions about writing.

Amanda at Floor to Ceiling Books continues to prove how awesome she is by establishing the Genre for Japan charity and they’re auctioning off several cool things.  I’d definitely check it out and see what you can do to help out.

My latest battle with Ari Marmell continues over at Babel Clash in which I’m starting to lose my identity in a bizarre spiral of insults and crawdads.  One week left until we’re forced to say goodbye, Ari drops to all fours and lets me get on his back and we ride into the sunset, never to return…until they invite us back.

Seriously, though, we’re talking about writing more than anything else, so it’s well worth a look.

Gosh, is that it?  I guess it must be.  Nothing else of note has really happened…

…oh, except this.

Black Halo came out today.  Hope you enjoy it.

John Scalzi sure did.

4 Responses to “Days of Thunder”

  1. Todd

    Commando is the greatest action movie of all time.

    • Charlie

      I’m conflicted about this.

      Any made who can ride a horse through a hotel, straddle a Harrier jet, kill a predator, lower himself into molten metal, and find time to govern ‘Kalifornya, is alright in my book.

      But any guy who can launch a car at a helicopter, divert an asteroid, and cop off with Mila Jovovich AND Demi Moore, deserves a manly nod in passing.

      Really, I feel torn.

  2. Bryan Thomas Schmidt

    All Scalzi said is “I do not wish Sam Sykes dead.” A ringing endorsement from him, I suppose. 😉 But I’ll be more clear with my bell. Buy the book or you’ll miss out on a great read. It’s a great sequel and moves things along well. And you can see Sam’s skills growing as you read it.

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